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As a hiring manager for 15+ years, I developed my own method of helping candidates prepare for job interviews and the 5 questions they'll ALWAYS be asked. This MP3 details the method. Read more...

I have over 15 years of experience as a hiring manager, but realized that books on job interviewing really don't prepare candidates in any meaningful way for the types of questions they could be asked.

Because hiring managers can ask anything they want, but they will always ask about your experience. And most candidates have a hard time remembering the details that will differentiate them from the competition.

A Better Way to Prepare for Job Interviews, As Developed by a Hiring Manager

As a hiring manager, I was always concerned that this was a great person, but hiding behind a bad resume or bad interview skills. I then did some research on the tips that were being published for job seekers and was appalled at how bad much of it was.

The main flaw is that just because I was hiring someone, I never got out a book on interviewing to learn how to interview a candidate, so why do people think preparing perfect answers to a random list of questions that in all likelihood stand a slim chance of being asked--will actually be a part of the interview.

I just wanted to get to know a candidate, to hear the examples of the great work that they did, the problems they solved, and how their past job related to what I'd like them to do for me.

This MP3 teaches my TODAY method of preparing for job interviews, as well as how to prepare to answer the top 5 questions you will always be asked.

The TODAY method is an effective mental scavenger hunt to develop detailed examples of what you did in a past position. And here's the top 5 questions that you're likely to be asked.

1. Tell Me About Yourself: Everyone gets stumped on this question, but it's actually not meant to trip you up, but meant to just get you to talk. The ball's in your court--so learn how to use this to your advantage.
2. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job / Why Are You Looking? If you have a job, this can be a tricky question, if you left your last job under not-so-great circumstances, this can still be a tricky question. I'll teach you how to avoid the RED FLAGS that send interviewers running.
3. Why Should We Hire You? If you don't know why a company should hire you--what unique attributes you bring to the table--then how is a company supposed to figure it out?
4. The Salary Question: Understand this question from a hiring manager's perspective to better answer it from your perspective.
5. Do you have any questions for us? Asking good questions can give you some real insight into the position and company, as well as demonstrate your intelligence to a hiring manager.

The TODAY Method takes you through identifying specific examples in your experience to discuss during an interview.

Teamwork, Obstacles, Duties, Achievements and Your Strengths/Weaknesses

By preparing all of these materials, you'll cover 90% of what an employer is likely going to want you to discuss--regardless of how they ask the question.

The MP3 is 75 minutes and jam-packed with great advice. It's the same presentation I've delivered at many job search groups, and have had people come up to me later and say that they landed jobs based on the advice in this presentation.

So's worth it.

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