5 Things to Fix in Your Job Search

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I've been a career coach for over 6 years, and I kept hearing the same questions from many of my clients. I'm positive that this recording will address many of your job search questions. Read more...

I have 15+ years of experience as a hiring manager, and over 6 years of experience as a job search coach, resume writer and job interview coach. This recording addresses the most common issues I see in job seeker's applications and approach to the process.

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How to Fix the 5 Things You're Doing Wrong in Your Job Search

This is a compilation of the most common challenges that jobseekers are facing, and my concrete tips they can implement to move their search in the right direction.

Chances are high that you have the same questions.

I was interviewed by client -- and PR Pro -- Scott Grigg who asks the same questions that you have as a listener.

And for $8.50 for an MP3 recording that you can listen to over and over--that gives you specific tips to immediately implement that will make an impact on your search, it's worth it!

Here's an outline of what the recording covers:


* What I looked for as a hiring manager--to help you understand the HR/Recruiter/Hiring Manager's point of view to better communicate your benefits.
* Why it's critical to customize resumes for every position, and ways to efficiently streamline the process.
* Why you MUST include accomplishments on your resume (and where to look for them in your career.)
* Formatting tips I use in the resumes I write for my clients.
* The difference between a functional and chronological resume and why recruiters and HR people don't like functional resumes.
* How to effectively incorporate the concepts behind a functional resume into a widely-accepted chronological resume format.

Cover Letters:

* The truth behind how hiring managers and recruiters view cover letters.
* How to write one that actually gets read
* What employers expect to read in a cover letter--so you'd better have it in there.

Networking Outside the Box:

* How to make the most of the conversations you have with people from different industries.
* What's so special about LinkedIn that can really help your search

Sealing the Deal in a Job Interview:

* The ONE tip that my clients who get jobs implement in the interview that seals the deal.

Following Up Without Stalking:

* There's a fine line between showing interest and sliding into the "creepy" factor. Cross the line, and you won't get the job. I'll talk about similar situations that everyone can relate to that demonstrates the difference.

As you can see, this 60 minute MP3 is PACKED with information that you need to land your next position.

Order now, for $8.50 and download it immediately to implement these effective tactics.

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