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If you keep doin' what you're doin', you're going to keep gettin' what you're gettin'!

As I talk to more jobseekers who have been on the hunt a while I'm hearing:

* More frustration--sending in resumes, not hearing back...going on interviews, not closing the deal

* More confusion--wear-out from networking, running out of ideas to look for leads.

* But more determination to ask for help.

I can relate, I'm also a DIY'er--but I know when I'm beat...I know when I need to seek help to put me on the right path. There are things I'm good at--and things I'm not--so rather than continually stink at the things I'm not good at--I admit that I need help from a pro--and get it.

You are a [Project Manager, IT Director, Marketing/Communications pro, Manager, Logistics, insert your title here.]. You're not a writer, you aren't on the other side of the job interview/networking desk. You can't be everything to everyone.

I have worked with clients to successfully:

* Clarify their job search to focus on jobs they were REALLY qualified for, stop spinning their wheels, and re-worked the resume to match the requirements of those positions.

* Develop specific networking strategies, that they felt comfortable implementing and matched their personal style, to approach or re-approach networking contacts (without stalking).

* Re-write parts of their resume and cover letter for briefer, punchier and more to-the-point descriptions that are easy to read and understand (without being resume-speak).

* Talk through a job description discussing how their current industry experience on their resume would "scare" an employer--because they wouldn't see the relevancy. Provided tactics to highlight the skill set and transferable skills without being misleading.

* Provide ideas on networking leads to expand who they should talk to in an industry.

The feedback I hear from the people I coach?
Relief, a renewed sense of direction, clarity on how to proceed, they become re-engaged in the job search process--because I have answered their questions--I removed the blocks (mental or related to their resume or job interview or networking skills) that were holding them back. Aren't YOU ready to feel this way?

Yes, there's a TON of free advice available--you'll even find plenty of articles and videos I've produced--but if you don't know how to apply this advice to your situation--or your specific situation isn't being discussed--it's not going to help you.

"Just a quick line to let you know that I landed a very nice job after posting the resume that you reviewed." J. Gener, FL

The only way to get better at job interviews is to practice, so practice with a coach and you'll know you're doing it right. Typically 2 hours on the phone or in person (CT or NYC area). We'll discuss your work, school, or volunteer experience, and any past job interviews. Rate is per hour.

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